Emergency Services

There is a veterinarian that can be reached 24 hours a day to see for the medical needs of your pet.  The emergency number is 580-302-3256. Read More >>

Exams and Vaccinations

The key to prevention of disease or illness, a comprehensive physical examination is the first-and most important-step you as an owner can take to ensure your pet’s well-being and long-term health. Read More >>

Senior Annual Wellness

Today pets are living longer than ever before. As a result, older pets can develop a variety of conditions and ailments that can be easily detected by performing annual blood work. We use senior testing to promote early detection and treatment of disease, so we can maintain health and prevent illness during your pet’s senior years. Read More >>


Often overlooked as it relates to a pet’s comprehensive health status, animal dental care is needed to provide quality of life and optimal well-being. If left untreated, diseases of the mouth, gums or jaw are not only painful to your companion, but may also be contributing factors to more widespread systemic disease processes. Read More >>

Surgery & Labs

Should a River Valley veterinarian recommend surgery for your pet, a pre-surgical examination and blood tests is highly recommended to assess the animal’s worthiness to receive anesthesia and undergo the procedure. Read More >>

Health & Pet Wellness

The initial examination that your puppy or kitten receives from your River Valley veterinarian is critical to its well-being and long-term health. Your doctor will pay particular attention to the proper growth and development of the eyes, ears, teeth and enamel, skin and nails, and internal organs. Each youngster will be checked for hereditary or nutritional deficits and the absence of external parasites. Read More >>


River Valley Veterinary Clinic performs a wide variety of diagnostic tests and procedures. Read More >>

Prescription Refills

If a prescription medicine had been ordered by your River Valley veterinarian to treat your pet’s acute episode or chronic illness or to prevent and control external and internal parasites, please call our office at 580-326-6000 and have your pet’s medications refilled at our clinic. Read More >>


Positive identification is the only way to ensure that you are reunited with your pet if it becomes lost or stolen. A secure collar with tags indicating the home address and phone numbers is a good start. The problem is that collars come off. Read More >>